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Fusing is a glass processing technology, which was already used in old Egypt and means fusing of different pieces of glass. But its not only the melting of pieces of glass, but also forming the glass as a second procedure.

The burning with which the selected glasses are to be merged with one another, is called full fuse fire. The temperature is about 800 to 900 degrees Celsius. These temperatures are not sufficient, in order to liquefies the glass, but soften it so far that it merges with the material.

The second firing usually forms the shaping, whereby the dead weight of the softened glass is used, in order to arrange it in new shape with the help of drop-plate-type moulds. Mostly unglazed ceramic moulds are used.

The wide range of compatible fusing glasses and the free choice of processing, opens an almost unlimited range of creative design with glass. Nearly everything can be created out of stained glass, from utility article up to decorative design and jewelry....

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